NEW! Responsive Affinity Theme for SocialEnginePHP v4

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Adrenaline Theme

Adrenaline Theme
  • A bold design, ready for business to dating networks
  • Endless color possibilities, that can be changed with ease in constants.css
  • Works and looks perfect with all official SE plugins
  • Matching theme colors for SE Mobile Plugin
  • Includes the Adrenaline Menu widget, used in the header, that contains:
    • Logo
    • Login Box
    • Profile button with user's small photo, and drop-down menu when you hover this button, containing Mini-Menu and Edit My Profile menus
    • Improved Notifications(Updates) Box
    • Search Box with clickable button
    • Main Menu with a drop-down menu
    • Settings to select your Logo, hide/show Main Menu for visitors, select the number of Main Menu items before dropdown menu occurs, and to choose between two Main Menu styles: COMPACT or WIDE.
  • Footer widget that contains:
    • Logo (**that can be different from your main logo)
    • Copyright
    • Description (**helps on SEO)
    • Footer Menu (**standard SE Footer Menu)
    • Language select box
    • Setting to select a Logo.
  • Welcome Page is also generated by a widget, that contains:
    • Tagline, and descriptions, which can make your website more SEO friendly
    • Big Search Box
    • Setting to enable/disable the Big Search Box.
  • The Social Icons widget can be placed in the Header or Footer, has settings to set the links to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and will display the Facebook and Twitter icons on the right of your website, in a fixed position.
  • The Tabbed Members widget, is another widget we have built to be used on the home page, but it can be used in any other places on your website. This widget has settings to select the number of members to be shown in each tab, to choose what tabs to show, and more.
  • Nice and simple design for Activity Feed, with icons in the corner, for each type of post.
  • Invite Button widget
  • Go To Top button, generated with Mootools, in a widget
  • IM Chat professionally redesigned
  • All the texts can be edited and/or translated with ease, trough the Language Manager, in your SE administration panel
  • It also supports Right-To-Left(RTL) alignemnt, for arabic languages
  • Tested with all modern browsers (*IE9, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon)
  • Best CSS3 practices and techniques used for styling
  • NO modifications of the SE core script
  • PSD and EPS files included
  • Free Theme and Logo Installation, at request
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide, for an easy installation and configuration
  • Instant Download

*this theme is only for SocialEngine PHP v4, and the plugins(*Albums, Blogs, Events, Forum, Music, Polls, Chat & IM, Classifieds, Groups, Mobile, Video) shown in the theme's screenshots are NOT part of our template, and you can purchase them from SocialEngine Store.

**after your successful payment for this product you will receive to your e-mail, a Download ID/Link. Download the theme package, extract the files, using a software like 7-ZIP, and follow the INSTRUCTIONS you find inside to install the theme.

***if you have issues downloading, registering, or any other issues related to our website and/or products, please contact us at

****we don not provide a demo for any of our themes as SocialEngine template's styles can be easily copied, but we guarrantee that what you see in the theme's screenshots will be exactly what you will get. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for understanding!